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Modern ViewPoint is a media website developed to provide smart young people the opportunity to unite around the political, cultural and social themes that are re-shaping society.

With a focus on the major issues and events affecting men and women in their twenties or early thirties, Modern ViewPoint aims to provide a platform where smart ideas and open discussion can help Generation-Y navigate the realities of a challenging economy and the rapidly changing social landscape.

At MVP we use a core team of editors that are wholly devoted to enlightening, informing, and provoking dialogue. We also employ a contributor network, because we want to share all the good ideas we can get.  Our mission is to put millennials in the driver seat of their own future by engaging sharp discussion spurred by the sharing of quality information and ideas from around the world.

How to Become a Part of Our Team:

1. Beat Columnists (Apply Any Time and You Can Get Started Right Away): 

Modern ViewPoint wants to provide smart young writers with an opportunity to get in on the action by becoming beat columnists, covering the stories that millennials want and need to know about. As a beat columnist you will work with an editor to identify a regular beat based on a set of topics or issues that you have interesting thoughts on and/or possible expertise to share.  We ask our beat columnists to commit to writing either a weekly or monthly article as a part of their beat assignment. Each writer will be assigned a section editor to assist them in identifying story topics and to provide editing or overall writing advice.

2. Breaking News Journalists (Apply Any Time and You Can Get Started Right Away):

Writers selected to be a part of the breaking news team are expected to commit to covering a block of time agreed upon with our breaking news editor. The writer should be available to receive a breaking news story topic from the editorial team and send back a 400-600 word article that is thought provoking and well written.

3. Editorial Assistant Internship (For College Credit – Built Around College Semesters):

This internship provides a fast paced writing program for college students with an opportunity to work closely with a member of our editorial staff and receive college credit.  The internship is typically 3- 4 months, depending on the requirements of the intern’s university. Editorial Assistant Interns have the opportunity to both cover breaking news stories and cover a beat as a part of their internship.

How to Apply:

Please send an email to with the following:

  • Tell us in the subject line what role your applying for (Section Writer, Breaking News Journalist, Editorial Assistant Intern)
  • 3-4 topics of interest from the example list above (if your interest lies outside of the list above send that too we may have missed something)
  • Tell us your writing availability – How often would you be able to publish a story in the interest area you mentioned above – Once a month, twice a week, it all works for us.
  • Include your Résumé
  • A relevant writing sample (between 400-600 words) Indicate if the piece has been published already.