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Swedish population increasingly negative to immigration

An increasingly mor common sign in Swedis asylum critical demonstrations

In a new survey from Yougov before the forthcoming EU election, one has looked at which issues are most engaging. It has also been measured how much of the population in each country believes that it should stop receiving “refugees from conflict areas”. Only Italy and Poland have a marginally larger share than Sweden who wants to put an end to the inflow.

The survey has been commissioned by eight European newspapers and includes more than 8,000 people in eight countries. Prior to the EU elections in 2014, the economy, unemployment and government debt were ranked as the most important issues. In 2019 it is instead the migration and the climate that worries the Europeans the most and about half do not want their country to receive more asylum seekers.

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It is also believed that migration from outside the EU is one of the Union’s greatest challenges. The issue is more concerned with older Europeans while it is mainly younger who are worried about the climate.

Sweden among the most critical of migration
51 per cent of the respondents in Sweden believe that no more asylum seekers should be received, while 26 per cent do not agree with the claim. In Italy and Poland, the corresponding proportion is 53 percent.

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At least critical is in Germany where 34 per cent want a stop and 41 per cent a continued reception.

Majority of EU Army
Nearly half of respondents are in favor of giving the EU greater security and defense powers and almost half like the idea of ​​a common EU army. On this particular issue, the Swedes are least positive.

Areas where you do not want to give the EU more power are issues related to work, pensions, health and education.

Another area where the Swedes stand out is EU skepticism. Every fourth Swedish person agrees only a little or not at all with the claim that a Swedish EU membership is good.