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SWEDEN: Governement gives a false impression that the refugee crisis is over !

Refugees coming to Sweden

In an opinion piece in the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen, an influential candidate to the EU election for the Swedish Moderate Conservative Party: Tobias Tobé and the party’s migration policy spokeswoman Maria Malmer Stenergard furiously attacks the government’s migration policy, which they claim that is based on factual errors.

“Time and again, the government is trying to paint the picture that the refugee crisis now over. As a consequence, you open up for extended family migration and new grounds for asylum. It is deeply irresponsible. The refugee crisis is far from over. In 2018, Sweden was the country in the EU that granted most people asylum in relation to population, ”writes Tobé and Stenergard in Expressen.

Tobé and Stenegard argue that “massive reception for many years has entailed extensive strain on society and exposed our inability to integrate people from other countries”. As an example, it is mentioned that it takes eight years before half of the migrants have work, and that for a migrant without upper secondary education it takes 18 years.

To overcome this problem, it is believed that the migration policy must be “held tight for a long time to come”, and that Sweden should not be expected to receive help from the EU, which also lacks a functioning migration policy according to Tobé and Stenergard.

Instead, the mean that the government and its partners choose an “opposite path, and open up more gaps in the Swedish migration system” while at the same time devoting themselves to portray their opponents as fascists, both in the EU and in Sweden”.