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Polish Nationalist Government to gain absolute majority?

It became a grand slam for the ruling party Law and Justice (PIS) in Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Poland whem media this morning reported that the party received around 49 percent of the vote.

When 80 percent of the votes are counted, the party now stands at 45 percent and according to Ekot, it looks like the party “will gain absolute majority”.

The Nationalist Government Party in Poland Law and justice seem to gain absolute majority after Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

The second largest party falls far behind at 22 percent.

In the 2015 parliamentary elections, Law and Justice received 37.58 percent of the vote.

  • I think that if Law and Justice can form government without others, then the party will probably continue in the same direction as before, the party then sees no cause for change, says Wladyslaw Teofil Bartoszewski of the Farmer Party PSL, to SR Ekot.

Poland has been in conflict with the EU since it refused to accept asylum seekers from the Third World. At the same time, the Polish economy is running like a rocket and the country’s unemployment rate is now the third lowest in the entire EU. It stands at 3.3 percent. This is at the same time as Sweden is approaching the EU’s highest unemployment rate of 7.1 percent – due to immigration that Poland refuses to accept. Sweden ranks 24th in the EU unemployment fair of a total of 28 countries.