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Norwegian police says mosque shooting is “Attempted terrorist act”

Police confirm that the 21-year-old caretaker fired shots at the mosque. The attack is now being investigated as an attempted terrorist attack.

The 21-year-old is charged with attempted murder after he opened fire at the al-Noor mosque in Bærum on Sunday afternoon. He is also charged with killing his own little sister (17).

“We are facing an attempt at a terrorist act,” said acting leader Rune Skjold of the Joint Intelligence Unit at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

Police justify, among other things, the use of weapons in a mosque. They also confirm that more shots were fired, but do not want to go into how many shots were fired.

  • The survey we have done has shown that this perpetrator had extreme attitudes. He has anti-immigrant attitudes. He created fear. This means that we are not yet concluding that it is terror, but that we are investigating it as an attempt at terror.

Background: 21-year-old charged with murder and attempted murder

Skjold also indicates that the accused have expressed support for Vidkun Quisling. Last night the police tried to interrogate the accused, but he did not want to explain himself. It is therefore unclear how he stands to the charge.

The accused man is being held in custody for four weeks, police attorney Pål Fredrik Hjort Kraby tells VG. The police will ask that the prison meeting be held for closed doors.

Police say they will try new interrogations later, and that they work closely with PST.

  • He is charged with attempted murder, murder and we are constantly taking a stand to possibly change the charge of terrorist acts.

The police have received feedback that their presence has been positive.

  • It is a clear goal for us that those who participate in the ID celebration should feel safe.

Celebrates the Muslim holiday: – We are concerned about security

Aim for murder and attempted murder
It was just after 4 pm Saturday that gunfire was reported at the al-Noor Islamic Center in Bærum. One person was slightly injured and the perpetrator was first held by someone in the mosque until the police came and took over.

When police entered the home of the man charged with the shooting, they found a dead woman. VG gets confirmed that this is the man’s little sister. She was 17 years old and adopted to Norway.

The accused, in a web forum before the attack on the mosque, wrote that he wanted to “increase the racial war” and the police were asked at the press conference whether the killing of the little sister could also be part of the terrorist act. Police say it is too early to say anything about the motive for the murder.

The defendant refused to explain himself to police night to Sunday.

  • He has therefore not decided on the charge. The investigation of the incident has been ongoing all night and continues today, says Rune Skjold, acting unit manager.

Police do not want to comment on the cause of death or whether weapons were found at the scene in Eiksmarka. Two weapons were found in the mosque.