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Norwegian man charged with attempted murder after shooting

Aug 10 2019 21:20, updated 11 Aug 2019 09:23

“The man is charged with attempted murder,” says Roar Hanssen of the Oslo police.

A man who belonged to the mosque is slightly injured and is being treated in hospital.

Police first reported that one person was shot inside the al-Noor Islamic Center mosque in Bærum, but would not confirm that the man was shot Saturday night.

A person was slightly injured after the shooting episode in the mosque in Bærum, police say. A Norwegian man in his 20s living in the immediate vicinity is charged with attempted murder.

  • We do not know the cause of these injuries. We cannot conclude that shots have been fired, says section manager Rune Skjold in the Oslo Police District to NTB.

Norwegian man arrested
A Norwegian man in his 20s living in the local area has been arrested. The police have not yet questioned the perpetrator and so far have no information regarding motives.

  • The perpetrator is slightly injured. He is transferred to us when he has been treated by health professionals, says Skjold.

Police have no information that there are other perpetrators involved in the incident.

Police are reluctant about information related to the incident inside the mosque. The reason is that they do not want to influence witness descriptions.

Police will not confirm that the perpetrator was carrying weapons and ammunition when he was arrested.

According to chief Irfan Mushtaq at the mosque, the perpetrator was dressed in uniform and had two shotgun-like guns when he entered the mosque, and that he started firing rounds, writes Aftenposten. There should have been around seven people present during the prayer, but Skjold will not confirm this.

Not familiar with uniform

  • We have registered that it verifies information about a uniform, but we do not know this, says Skjold.

Police confirm that there were people inside the mosque who took control of the perpetrator for 20 years.

  • The arrest of the man himself was without drama. It was quick and efficient, says the section manager.

Police have been in contact with the man before, but do not want to comment further. They confirm that they have secured possible online activity from the perpetrator.

  • We check if there are others who sympathize with this and are active, says Skjold.