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IS terrorists fled after Turkish bombing

This photo by Hawar news, the news agency for the semi-autonomous Kurdish areas in Syria (ANHA), shows flames rising from burned cars at the site of an explosion in the central Qamishli city in northeastern Syria, Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Activists and Syrian Kurdish officials are reporting a large explosion outside a popular fast food restaurant. It was not clear what caused the explosion on Friday which occurred amid intensive shelling by the Turkish military in the city and other areas. (ANHA via AP)

SYRIA Five IS terrorists have fled a camp in northern Syria following Turkish bombings in the area. At the same time, a press spokesman for the SDF, which has detained 12,000 IS terrorists in northern Syria, says IS terrorists are no longer their responsibility.

Five IS terrorists have fled a prison in Qamishli in northern Syria following Turkish bombings in the area, said Marvan Qamishlo, spokesman for Kurdish-led SDF according to The Independent.
In the al-Hol camp where IS terrorists’ women and children are interned, IS women must also have attacked guards with stones and bullets.

The unrest should have started in the foreigners’ section of the camp and involved more people than previous incidents in the camp according to Qamishlo.

“The women attacked the internal security forces in al-Hol, they set fire to tents and attacked the offices of administration and security with stones and slings,” Qamishlo said.

A film about the riots, which has been spread by the SDF and filmed at a distance, shows around 20 fully-covered women running across an open space with several men who appear to be pursuing them.

At the same time, the SDF says that they no longer take responsibility for what happens to the IS terrorists the SDF has seized.

– We are currently the victims of a genocide attack. There is a project to bring about a demographic change and to eradicate the Kurds. That is why our first duty is to protect our people, our border and our soil, SDF press spokesman Mustafa Bali told Rudaw in Hasaka, northern Syria, on Friday.

– All our forces are focusing on this now. Our prisons, where we hold about 12,000 IS members, and camps, where we have more than 90,000 families of IS members and migrants, are like bombs fired. We do not know when they will explode. But they are no longer our responsibility, Bali continued.