If you’ve been in DC, St. Paul or Indianapolis recently, you may have wondered why so many cars are rolling around with a giant pink mustache. Well, those pink monstrosities are a part of the infectious culture that is LYFT, the latest trendy transportation company to popup in an effort to better move people in and around major U.S. Cities. But with other services like UBER and Zipcar is there really any reason for LYFT?


What is LYFT?

LYFT is the offshoot of the social networking, city to city ridesharing program, Zimride.  Zimride cofounders John Zimmer and Logan Green branched out with LYFT to create a local peer to peer ride sharing application.  LYFT drivers who signup for the program must undergo a background check and a vehicle safety inspection. And one of the goals of the company as they expand from city to city has been to create a social culture within their community of drivers and riders. But why would I choose LYFT over the other options?


What`s Cheaper?

Unlike Uber which operates like a slightly more expensive taxi cab service, LYFT drivers do not charge a fee, rather they get a donation from riders and the company takes a 20% cut.  The suggested donations are often 30% less than a cab fare.


What`s right for you?

Well LYFT might be cheaper, but it may not work for everyone, not all the time.  LYFT is a ride sharing program that requires you to travel with someone to get to your destination.  But sometimes it just isn`t convenient to ride with someone, like late at night or when your drunk just trying to get home without making a fool of yourself, and isn`t that the most important thing?

The true way to tell who is better is by trying both out an seeing which service works best for you.

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